4 Fantastic Reason to Drink Craft Beer in NZ


With the craft beer industry going from strength to strength, many of us are wondering why it has become so popular and should we order a craft beer the next time we visit a restaurant or stop at our local bar. If you have not already tried craft beer, this article provides you with plenty of reasons to do so. The industry has shown rapid growth all over the world for good reason.

  1. Supporting the Local Economy – When you switch to craft beer, you are supporting local businesses in your area. Craft beer is produced by small, independent brewers who use local ingredients to come up with some tasty beer. Mass produced beer comes in from countries all over the world and when it is sold, most of that money goes back out of the country. When you drink craft beer, NZ, all of the money goes back into the local community.
  2. Positive Impact on the Economy – When you drink craft beer that has been produced in New Zealand, you do not only support the local economy where the brewery is based, you also support the economy as a whole. When the craft beer industry grown in NZ, it generates more revenue and creates thousands of more jobs. This trend has been seen in many other countries, such as Australia and the US.
  3. Higher Alcohol Content – Most craft beers are not watered down with other ingredients; they contain natural components that are mostly seasonal. That is why you see many seasonal brands coming out at different times of the year. They contain more alcohol than mass produced products. Some craft beers can contain up to 40% alcohol, so you do not need to spend a lot of money on beer.
  4. Seasonal Beer – Did you know that many brands of craft beer are actually seasonal. Microbreweries produce one-off brews that are full of seasonal ingredients. Craft beers offer so much variety, it is highly unlikely that the beer you drink on Christmas day is the same type you will be sipping on when sitting outdoors on a warm summer’s day.

There are many good reasons to drink craft beer and this article has highlighted just 4 of them. Craft beers are produced with care and attention and most brewers have studied the process of brewing for many years. They love what they do, and they enjoy creating amazing flavours for the craft beer community.