A Foodie’s Basic Guide To The Best Indian Recipes Ever!


Before anyone takes offense, let’s start by saying that Indian cuisine is really diverse and unique. It is almost impossible to have a list that includes everything, because signature dishes vary from state to state. For a lot of interested foodies, Indian food may seem like a spice fest, but there are many dishes that are extremely mild on heat and high on flavors. If you are looking for Indian food near me, we recommend these below-mentioned dishes that are loved by millions.

Tandoori chicken

Tandoor refers to a clay oven that’s typically used to make tandoori recipes and kebabs. Tandoori chicken is a classic recipe, which involves marinating the chicken overnight with spices and yogurt, and eventually, it is then cooked in the clay oven. Tandoori chicken is often served with a mint or yogurt dip and works as a starter.

Paneer Butter Masala

As the name suggests, this recipe includes loads of butter and selected spices with homemade cottage cheese. You will also find a non-vegetarian version of this recipe called Butter Chicken. The gravy consists of yogurt, tomato, onions and selected spices. If you think Indian curries and gravies are hot and spicy, this one might change your ideas.

Chicken Biryani

Biryani consists of long-grain basmati rice, chunks of tender meat, whole spices, and saffron water. Chicken Biryani is the most popular version, and this one is a full meal in itself, often served with a yogurt dip called the ‘Raita’. You will also find options like mutton biryani, shrimp biryani, and even paneer biryani.

Channa Masala

Also called Chana Masala, this is what many Indians may consider comfort food. It is made from soaked and boiled chickpeas in a classic onion-tomato gravy with spices and herbs. Channa Masala can be considered main course with flatbreads.

Chicken curry

Indian chicken curry can be different in almost every restaurant, because there is no single recipe for this one. In most cases, this is a semi-thick gravy that contains onion, tomato, garlic, ginger and powdered spices with chicken. Chicken curry works very well with steamed rice or even with flatbreads, but make sure that you talk to the chef in advance about the spiciness.

Finally, do check the long list of Indian flatbreads, which ensure that your gravies and curries taste better. You can try for something like a simple roti or can settle for Naan, which is cooked in tandoor and smeared with lots of butter.