Check The Most Amazing Tips For Cooking Duck Breast!


Did you know that duck breast is an excellent source of protein? Even if you are on the keto diet, that extra fat from the skin wouldn’t hurt your calorie intake, because there are no carbohydrates in duck breast. That said, the meat is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Now that we are done with the nutrition part, let’s talk more on how to cook duck meat. If you check online, you will find a whole bunch of recipes for duck breast, but there are a few simple tips that can take the flavors to the next level. Here are our top tips for cooking duck breast.

  • If you want to get that crispy layer on duck breasts, the simplest idea is to sear it on the pan, skin-side down. Heat up a seasoned cast iron pan and place the breasts on the skin side. Keep checking to know the color – an ideal golden color or slightly brown is fine. Once that’s done, cook your duck breasts in the oven as you would otherwise.
  • Do season your meat before cooking. Duck breasts can be extremely juicy and tasty with the skin on, but seasoning is critical, as with any meat. You can choose herbs of your choice or can go for something simple like salt and pepper. If you can, season your meat the night before cooking.
  • This may seem cliché to experts, but many people have the tendency of cooking duck breasts straight out of the refrigerator. The meat should be as close to room temperature as possible, before you place on the pan.

  • Well, the quality of meat you are using also matters. Always source your meat from the right farm or store. Duck meat is known for its fat content, so we recommend that you don’t leave the goodness of the skin.
  • If your duck breasts have released more fat on the pan, do not throw that away. The fat from duck meat can be used for frying veggies or simply to cook potatoes before baking. Much like lard, duck fat has its own flavor that can seep into the vegetables.
  • Always rest your duck meat before serving. This just ensures that the temperature spreads the moisture all through the meat. Also, do not cut very thing slices for the breasts, because that may compromise on the moisture and juiciness.

Check online now for recipes now and make a flavorsome meal for the night!