Different Ways to Choose The Right Duck For Your Recipes


Ducks are the most flavored and rich quality birds compared to others. The duck breasts are tasty roasted or sautéed, the legs are braised to prepare confit, add a delicious taste to salads and stews, and the wings and carcass make a tasty stock.

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You can find many breeds that tender different taste experience. There are 3 kinds of duck breasts available in the market. They are Pekin, Muscovy, and Moulard ducks. Here’s information on different breeds of duck that help you in finding the best quality of duck to prepare your desired recipe.

Long island Or Pekin duck

This breed of duck is very popular and well-known for its soft and pleasing flavor.  It is effortless to work with Pekin, so most of the people love to make recipes with breast of Pekin duck compared to others. Also, it is reasonably priced and perfect for a whole roast.

According to a study, breast of Pekin duck (skinless) will have lower calories and fat than chicken breast (skinless). It is the common variety available in the supermarkets or store. If a particular breed is not specified on a package, then it is mostly a white Pekin.

Muscovy duck

This duck is also called as Barbary or Barbarie duck. It will have thin-skin, contains low fat, deep mildly gamey and red meat. It makes well with both the stew and roast, but you have to select a small size female duck for roasting. It will have a strong flavor same as a beef roast.

Moulard Duck

This duck is cross between male Muscovy and female Pekin duck. It is large in size with a meaty breast. This breast is labeled as magret and sold separately in stores. Mostly, moulard duck will be raised on foie grass for a well-developed liver and breast. You can either grill or sauté it same as a steak.

There are many health related advantages with the duck meat by choosing a good quality duck as per your preference you can enjoy its taste and health benefits as well. So, purchase or order fresh duck meat immediately to try different tasty recipes in your home.