Here’s Why You Should Download The McDelivery App Right Away!


No one really knows what will our future look like. But if 50 years down the line, a bunch of youngsters ever look at the lives of people in 2019, they will be tempted to use words like busy, smartphone, on the go etc. Some of them may even, and rightly so, go as far as saying those were mad days.

Yes, these are the days when people have no time for almost everything. Even for food. Which is exactly why they make online food delivery apps. Speaking of which, there is one app that is so fuss-free, so simple, and so quick… you will never look at online food delivery apps the same way again. We are talking about McDonald’s India’s McDelivery app.

For every time you are too tired to cook or when too many people came over at your place unannounced or when you are simply are craving great food, this McDonald’s app will be at your service. The app is available both on iOS and Android platforms. You can use the app from various locations of western and southern parts of India.

So, let’s have a look at the various features of the McDelivery App:

It is quick:

Of course it is quick, because the best technology has gone into designing it. But there is another thing as well. People are aware of McDonald’s menu items and mostly know what they want. So instead of going through reviews and trying to choose between untested, at times even unknown food items, it is much quicker to order food online from a place you trust and know well. Simple, right?

Order food in advance:

With McDelivery, you can take the delivery of your food at your own convenient time. All you have to do is choose a particular time slot when you can collect your McDonald’s meal and the delivery agent will be there at that exact time. Stuff that sorted dinners are made of. Precisely.

Place Party Orders

We understand when your whole gang wants to eat at your place and your cooking skills may not exactly be extraordinary. No need to fret. Placing party orders for you and your guests is just as easy with the McDelivery app. Expert tip: Order a few extra fries. They are always the first ones to disappear from the dinner table.

Social Logins

No time to register? No problem. We have made it simpler for you. Now you don’t have to create a separate account just for McDelivery. Instead you can login through your social accounts including Facebook and Google+.

Easy Payment Options

No need to fumble for cash when the delivery guy is standing with burgers in his bags. You can choose to pay for your meal using any of the payment options available including net banking, cash on delivery, debit or credit cards and online wallets.  Go straight for the burgers.

Order Tracking

In case you like to know where exactly your order has reached, that is possible too. You can keep a track of your order from the nearest restaurant to your doorstep with the McDelivery App.

Exciting offers

Using McDelivery app pays as well. You can avail various exciting offers and discounts while ordering your food. For example, if you use Amazon Pay wallet to make payment, you will get 25% cashback on your total bill. You can get 25% cashback if you use Freecharge as well.

If you are a fan of DC comics, you will be glad to know that now you can add a Justice League toy with any of the McDonald’s meals for just Rs. 50.  Referral has its perks as well. If you refer the McDelivery app to your friends and family, McDonald’s will treat you all with free burgers. All you have to do is give your friends your referral code and invite them to download the app.

So all in all, the McDelivery App has features and offers you cannot refuse. You can order breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner, everything on a single app. To know what we are actually talking about, download the app here and here and know for yourself. Bon appétit!