Some Of The Culinary Delights In Bangkok You Need To Try When You Visit


When you are visiting Thailand for the first time, you will have the delight of trying some of the delicious authentic food available, which will get your tastebuds tingling. Thailand is known for its warm tropical climate, smiling, friendly people, and deliciously spicy food throughout the country, and there is plenty for you to try. Below are some of the Thai dishes you will want to ensure you try before heading home that will excite your tastebuds and may become your new favourite dish.

Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

A firm favourite with many Thai people throughout the country is som tum, a spicy salad made from papaya. You find that each region has its own variation of the dish, as with most dishes. It usually consists of papaya, garlic, fish sauce, carrots, tomatoes, peanuts, and plenty of chillies, but there can be other ingredients also. It is a staple part of their diet for many Thai people, and you can ask for fewer chillies if you cannot handle the heat, but it is something you should try before leaving Thailand.

Khao Kha Moo (Slow-Cooked Pork)

Many dishes in Thailand contain pork, which is a staple part of the diet for many people, and the khao kha moo is a firm favourite with many locals. The pork is boiled in soy sauce and cinnamon until it falls off the bone and is usually served with a side of rice and a fried egg, and a perfect accompaniment for it is Thai bottled sweet chilli sauce. It is not often too spicy, so for those that cannot handle the heat, this may be an excellent option for you.

Pad Ka Prao (Pork & Holy Basil)

If you are looking for something that packs a punch, pad ka prao is an excellent option that Thais and tourists alike love. The dish is minced pork and sometimes chicken, fried in garlic, lots of chillies, and holy basil. The meal usually comes with a side of rice, and for a tasty treat, you can add a fried egg to it.

Kao Niew Mamuang (Mango & Sticky Rice)

Another dish you must try when you are in Thailand is mango and sticky rice, which you can often find throughout Thailand. It is a simple dish consisting of sticky rice and fresh sweet mango, coconut milk, and some sugar and salt, and although it may not be nutritional, it makes up for it with the flavour.

These are only a few of the dishes on offer when you visit Thailand, and there are plenty more you may wish to try, such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, or Pad See Eiu. For more information about visiting Bangkok and the culinary delights available, click here.